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What Natalia has to say ...

Everyone is a photographer these days, and I am certainly no different. People tell me that my difference lies in the way I see the world and capture it. The things I see inspire awe and wonder in me because the world is a beautiful and mysterious place. I remain curious and interested in the simple things in life and intrigued by my connection to them. In my spare time I like to have something to focus my mind on and creatively lose myself in. When I grab my camera, get out there and take photographs of the world around me I feel connected, nourished.

What other people have to say ...

'You’re an artist, not just a photographer.'

Peter R

'Natalia has an incredible eye and creative slant for photography.'

Ian W

'You are so very talented at capturing things that normal people like me just don’t see.'

Lucy B

'Precious Eyes.'

Jim C

'You’re a lovely artist with a great eye and a good balance.'

Chloe L

'Your photos have come to life. You have opened people’s eyes.'

Bogdan Z


'Now, where’s my camera? You’ve inspired me!'

John W

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